Orange views “inclusive innovation” as key to consumer success

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Mar 19, 2019

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  • Why should CSPs continue to release new consumer products?
  • Is it to avoid the risk of digital exclusion?
  • Or is it the fear of losing out on future AI services?
  • Orange and Deutsche Telekom take on the tech giants

OSP TV weekly series

Faced with rapidly-changing market dynamics, why is it still important for a CSP to release new products to its consumer customers? Why not leave all that to specialist third-party device manufacturers? For Orange, it comes down to the risks of digital exclusion and the desire to avoid the creation of a damaging divide between those who can afford the latest (and inevitably expensive) technology and those who can’t. But there is also the fear that the next battleground will be around Artificial Intelligence and the new services that will follow – if the (predominantly) US-based tech giants control access to the vast data sets required by AI and ML, how can national and regional telcos like Orange and Deutsche Telekom compete? Hence the new focus on providing their own AI-based products to consumers, to boost their own future AI capabilities and relevance, as the CEOs of both telcos explained in Paris recently.

  • Featuring: Bertrand Rojat, Deputy Vice President, Technocentre Orange

OSPTV: Series 1: Episode 2

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