The challenge of commercially deploying disaggregated multi-vendor solutions

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Nov 27, 2017

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Brian Bronson, CEO, Radisys

Radisys has been working with TIP to decompose the access side of the network, as it focuses on the "open" aspect of the telecoms market. Despite complaints of vendor-lock in, operators have still been operating in silos, taking their own approaches to disaggregation. But through TIP, operators are now coming together to create a more coordinated effort, whilst also reflecting their different point of view. The project is also helping operators understand how to commercially deploy and support disaggregated multi-vendor solutions.

The CEO of Radisys also explains how they are working to enable service providers to commercially deploy an M-CORD (Mobile Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) open reference solution. 

Filmed at: TIP Summit, November 2017, Santa Clara

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