Open to ideas: TelecomTV airs some 'alternative' approaches at ONS

Martyn Warwick
By Martyn Warwick

Jun 20, 2014

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The Open Networking Summit (ONS) held in Silicon Valley, is a great venue for big vendor and start-up alike. SDN and NFV may be about moving the industry to a new common architecture but at this stage there are significant differences in approach and philosophy. Martyn Warwick tracked down Bruce Gregory of Corsa which offers a "disruptive enabling technology". He claims today's hardware can't deliver the performance, scale and flexibility required at the intersection of SDN, NFV and OpenFlow, but Corsa's solution can.
Jay Friedman of Spark Integration Technologies sees his task as refining what companies already have, not throwing things away. The main theme, he says, is simplicity. 
Mingshou Liu of Estinet says that simulation tools are essential at this stage of the SDN market's development. 
Steve Garrison of Pica8 says his company is betting the farm on the likelihood that customers will want to buy software and hardware separately, so will require an operating system. 

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