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The Business Case for Carrier Wi-Fi

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SPECIAL REPORT: filmed at Small Cells World Summit, London, June 2014

What is the business case for carrier wi-fi, and how is wi-fi being used by telcos, especially alongside small cells? How can wi-fi be used to create new revenue channels, and to leverage the mobile roaming experience? And how is the technology being developed and improved?


Keith Day, Director of Mobility Marketing, Cisco, Verbatim interview: The wi-fi bridge between venue owners and mobile operators

Nick Johnson, Chief Technical Officer, ip.access, Verbatim interview: Designing the radio access network for virtualisation

Peter Jarich, VP Consumer and Infrastructure, Current Analysis, Verbatim interview: Choosing the right business case for carrier wi-fi

Kelly Davis-Felner, VP Marketing, Wi-Fi Alliance, Verbatim interview: The opportunities of wi-fi to both mobile and fixed telcos

Phil Kendall, Director of Global Wireless Practise, Strategy Analytics, Verbatim interview: Courting the venue owners for carrier wi-fi

Monica Paolini, President, Senza Fili Consulting, Verbatim interview: How carrier wi-fi can provide valuable indirect revenue for telcos

Steve Dyett, Head of Global Wi-Fi Solutions, BT Global Services, Verbatim interview: WiFi for the heavy lifting, cell for the reach

Sami Susiaho, Head of Edge Technologies, The Cloud, Verbatim interview: The ABC of carrier wi-fi: Always Best Connected

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