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The advantages of SDN/NFV and HP's ecosystem


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Pal Gronsund, Research Scientist, Telenor Research & Anshu Agarwai, VP Marketing, ConteXtream

Pal and Anshu discuss HP's advantages as an ecosystem fosterer and the advantages of SDN/NFV generally. Pal says these include OpEx and CapEx reductions and to the ability to reduce the time to deploy services. Anshu talks about her company's Proof of Concept (POC) on-show at the event. It's a GI LAN virtualisation, so shows virtual service chaining of functions such as video optimisation, firewall or NAT (Network Address Translation) and demonstrates subscriber-awareness - allowing subscribers to be assigned (or assign themselves) different functions in the chain.

Filmed at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, Düsseldorf, 14-17 October, 2014.

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