Why telcos must take back responsibility for their networks

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Alfonso Carrillo Aspiazu, Chief Architect OnLife Networks, Telefónica

Telcos have to start turning things back to how things were in the 50s, 60s and 70s when they used to specify, build and run their own networks, Alfonso tells Martyn Warwick.  “Today we’re hands off and we think the responsibility is somewhere else. Well, we need to take it back.”
Alfonso points out that the OTTs do things differently. “They set the pace and then the standards follow - we need to start thinking like that. [Our] vendors need to start thinking like that.”
Changing the quality of experience inside the home is very important, he says. Telcos should be enabling customers to configure their own services, not by requiring the user to dig into the router settings, but by offering some touch options on the screen that could do the same thing - perhaps even some automation. In the enterprise, even more so, he says.
If telcos don’t react and offer zero touch automation and instantaneous response, then somebody (probably an OTT) is going to come and do the job for us. “I’m convinced of that - we have to learn to program, learn to specify,” he says. “We can’t just rely on the vendors.”

Filmed at:  Zero Touch & Carrier Automation Congress, 2018, Madrid, Spain

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