Vendors have to get away from the outmoded notion that physical is the same thing as virtual

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Helmut Zürner, Senior Manager, Virtual Network Products Europe, Verizon

Helmut Zürner believes that if vendors are truly intent on helping CSPs to meet the needs of their customer they have to change and move away from their view that physical is also virtual. He says that the notion of the one-to-one mapping of one physical device to one virtual device is redundant and wrong. As an example he cites licenses where vendors link the size of a license in the physical world directly to a physical device installed on a shelf or in a rack somewhere. The virtual world isn't like that. The future is about scale and doing things dynamically. Old-fashioned one-to-one mapping is difficult, time-consuming and costly for CSP customers and more modern and efficient ways to accommodate the shift to virtuality must be found. The same applies to the onboarding of new services. Vendors play a crucial role in ensuring that new appliances work in the virtual environment in the ways customers want to use them, not just during the onboarding phase but also during throughput testing and service adjustments.
Filmed at:  Zero Touch & Carrier Automation Congress, 2018, Madrid, Spain

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