Wanna get ahead in digital transformation? Start by dumping the rulebook!

Martyn Warwick
By Martyn Warwick

May 24, 2018

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Boris Maurer, Digital Transformation Lead, Communications Industry, Accenture

It's a fact of life that telcos and CSPs are, by their very nature, highly-structured, closely-regulated and standards-based entities. So, as they grapple with the many problems of digital transformation Boris Maurer's exhortation that the industry should "Trash the Rulebook" is both provocative and potentially contentious. He explains to TelecomTV what is happening in the market that has turned him into an industry iconoclast. He says that the only way that players can get through the present era of continuing disruption and reorganisation and come out on the other side not only intact but as winners is to abandon the outmoded business models of analogue days and to prepare to monetise the connected digital ecosystem.
Filmed at: Digital Transformation World, 2018, Nice, France

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