Why are telcos throwing their weight behind the Telecom Infra Project?

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Axel Clauberg, Chairman, TIP, and VP Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom

The telecoms industry needs more radical approaches to capital efficiency, which means exponential innovation, but this means talent. Telcos are just not attractive enough to the best graduates; the internet companies and start-ups are the places to be. The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) combines these groups into one organisation, working together in a community-driven R&D approach to innovate new services, whilst operating in both royalty-free IPR as well as FRAND. But what is TIP? Who oversees the organisation? What's its scope? And why are the world's leading telcos now working closely with Facebook? TIP's chairman and VP at Deutsche Telekom, Axel Clauberg, explains why we should all be paying closer attention to the organisation this coming year.

Filmed at: TIP Summit, November 2017, Santa Clara

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