Understanding the open source model for CSPs

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The Digital Service Provider, Episode 1.24

How can communication service providers best use open source development and deployment models, and how does the increasing viability and visibility of open source software impact how CSPs and their suppliers do business? Does it really result in lower equipment and development costs for operators, and how much of an investment - in terms of time and money - does a CSP need to make in open source and the community in order to maximise its returns? If open source results in an unmanageable increase in software components with too many variants, then do we instead need a “curated” open source model driven by CSP-led reference designs? Above all, is open source beneficial or detrimental to the telecoms supply chain?
  • Tom Nadeau, Director of NFV Software Engineering, Red Hat
  • Timon Sloane, Head of Ecosystem and Marketing, ONF
  • Geoff Hollingworth, CMO, MobiledgeX
Filmed at: TelecomTV Studios, London, September 2019

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