Fujitsu and Tanium sign partnership agreement, collaborate in network security services domain

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Oct 31, 2018

In Tanium's first-ever partnership in Japan, the company will support Fujitsu in the delivery of security services that identify vulnerabilities in several tens of thousands of endpoints in near real time

Fujitsu Limited,Tanium Inc.

Tokyo, Japan, and Emeryville, California, US, October 31, 2018

(October 30, 2018 in the US) - Fujitsu Limited and Tanium Inc. today announced they have signed Tanium’s first managed services agreement in Japan, where Fujitsu will leverage the Tanium platform to deliver network security services to its customers in the market.

Based on the agreement, from October 19, Fujitsu will begin to offer Fujitsu Managed Infrastructure Service FENICS CloudProtect Real-time Visualization Service ("Real-time Visualization Service"). The new service offers network security for endpoints that integrates the security dashboard developed by Fujitsu with visibility into endpoints using Tanium's platform. The Tanium platform provides near real time visibility of endpoints, including servers and PCs.

With the services, provided by Fujitsu and powered by Tanium, organizations will be able to build business resilience by reducing the frequency of disruptions, minimizing the severity of them and accelerating recovery. This practice ensures that the technology that runs the business can adapt to disruptions, allowing the enterprise to achieve business resilience cost-effectively and immediately.


With rapid growth in the volume of data handled over the Internet in recent years and businesses accelerating reliance on the cloud, corporate networks currently face unprecedented levels of risk and threats to security that continue to increase every year. In Europe and the US, there has long been an appreciation for the importance of "cyber hygiene" security policy. Guidelines have been formulated to promote this policy, which dictates that information and communication technology (ICT) and security that are being run separately are integrated and managed together. In Japan, too, the Cybersecurity Strategy(1) announced by the National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) on April 4, 2018, states the necessity of strengthening real-time management of ICT systems.

It is not easy, however, to grasp the real-time status of all of the endpoints connected to complex corporate networks simultaneously and take appropriate action accordingly. To address these challenges, Fujitsu and Tanium decided to collaborate to bring together their respective security technologies and expertise to drive a strengthening of customers’ network security. On October 19, 2018, the two companies signed Tanium’s first managed services agreement in Japan, and Fujitsu will begin offering the Real-time Visualization Service for endpoints from October 31, 2018 to its customers in Japan.

Features of the Real-time Visualization Service

The Real-time Visualization Service is a cloud service provided by Fujitsu that leverages the Tanium platform, which enables visualization of endpoints in near real time using Tanium's proprietary architecture, with Fujitsu's proprietary security dashboard. Under this new service, Fujitsu will provide comprehensive support to enterprises, ranging from system deployment to operations, monitoring, and maintenance.

The Real-time Visualization Service grasps the application status of security patches, unauthorized communications, and malware traces for endpoints connected to a large-scale internal corporate network, and the results can be visualized almost instantaneously on Fujitsu’s proprietary security dashboard. In cases in which there is a risk of malware infection, through visualization, the status of endpoints is displayed on the security dashboard. Leveraging Tanium's platform together with Fujitsu's dashboard display, the infected terminal can be quarantined. In this way, the new service helps users realize the quick and easy implementation of security countermeasures.

The Real-time Visualization Service allows customers to grasp and manage the status of the endpoints used by all employees in near real time. By enabling their network administrators to deal quickly with vulnerabilities or terminals infected with a virus, customers adopting the service can continue to use the cloud safely, embark on business transformations, or adopt new ways of working while enjoying the peace of mind afforded by a highly secure ICT environment.

Fujitsu and Tanium entered into a sales agent contract for Tanium Endpoint Platform in July of 2018, and so according to their needs, customers can also take advantage of the service with an on-premises version provided by Fujitsu.

Figure: Real-time Visualization Service overviewFigure: Real-time Visualization Service overview

In the future, in addition to information on the application status of security patches, unauthorized communications, and malware traces, Fujitsu would like to consider ongoing enhancements to the Real-time Visualization Service. One possible feature would be to include information on the security dashboard from the FUJITSU Advanced Artifact Analysis Laboratory (2) , which aggregates global Cyber Threat Intelligence (3) and performs high-level analysis.

Pricing and Availability

Sales Target

Aiming for 100,000 ID deployments by the end of fiscal 2019.

  • [1] Cybersecurity Strategy - Details are available on NISC’s website at the following link:

  • [2] FUJITSU Advanced Artifact Analysis Laboratory - Established in Tokyo and Yokohama on November 18, 2015.

  • [3] Cyber Threat Intelligence - As results compiled by high-level analysts, this is information on cyber-attacks that covers the attacker, timing, motive, attack object, intrusion route, method and other information, as well as response methods that are put into a computer-readable format.

About Tanium

Tanium provides organizations with a single point of visibility and control to secure and manage technology systems at massive scale enterprise-wide. The Tanium platform enables business resilience to ensure the technology powering businesses today can adapt to disruption. Many of the world's largest and most sophisticated enterprises including half of the Fortune 100, most of the top retailers and financial institutions, and the United States Armed Forces rely on Tanium for business resilience. Tanium was recently ranked fourth on the Forbes list of “Top 100 Private Companies In Cloud Computing For 2018.”

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