Providing a water consumption feedback loop

Ian Scales
By Ian Scales

Dec 1, 2017

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Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, SES Water

Jeremy tells Ian Scales about SES' smart water trial. The UK water utility is using LoRa to add a smart communications component to its metering effort. The idea is to provide a feedback loop to communicate to consumers  about how much water they're using through a particular time period. As they often don’t know the rate at which their different appliances consume water the timings will give them an idea. For instance, Jeremy says that while most people know showers use less water than baths, research shows that teenage boys shower on average for 20 minutes  - about four baths worth!
The PoC is to work out how much data SES can send at what frequency without using up the battery too quickly.

Filmed at: IoT Build 2017, London UK

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