Why patient data needs more intelligent translation

Ian Scales
By Ian Scales

Nov 1, 2016

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Dr Jordi Serrano Pons, Founder & CEO, Universal Doctor

Dr Jordi found himself treating patients from many different nationalities so decided to develop a multilingual app that would make possible that basic “What seems to be the problem?” Q&A session doctors must have with patients on the way to a diagnosis. It started as a six month project, he says, but that was seven or eight years ago and now the app has been implemented in more than 150 hospitals around the world and he’s still at it, refining the technology and extending its use… most recently to doctors working with the influx of refugees in Europe from Syria and Africa. Jordi is now more interested than ever in the prospects for digital health, especially with the advent of IoT.  But now he sees a different sort of translation problem: “There’s lots of data being collected but sometimes people who are not expert [ie patients] aren’t able to interpret it - data needs to be displayed in a more intelligent way,” he claims. 

FILMED AT: Internet of Healthcare, 21-22 September, 2016, London

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