Second look: Joining the dots in Telemedicine

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Loy Lobo, Telemedicine and eHealth Council, Royal Society of Medicine

As the population ages, the number of people who have long-term chronic conditions such as h eart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and so on, grows inexorably.  The trouble is that these patients need support on an ongoing basis but will only see their doctor every now and again. As a result “they just don’t get the support they need,” Loy tells Ian Scales.  Loy’s big objective is to use the sensor technology to help patients manage their own conditions. The technology is there but the task is to join up the dots and to produce services. The problem is, says Loy, that some of the dots are in different organisations. “How do you take something which so transformative and stick it into a system which is resistant to change?”

FILMED AT: Internet of Healthcare, 21-22 September, 2016, London

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