Part 3 - Get ahead with automation: A practical guide for telecom operators

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Oct 26, 2023

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On-Demand Panel Discussion

In this session, TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels is joined by industry executives from Rakuten Symphony, Intel and Supermicro, who explain how they collaborated to address network complexity issues, by reducing supply-side SKUs, removing the need for manual intervention, and introducing the digitalisation of all workflows. Learn how they are applying these approaches, first implemented in greenfield networks, with existing operators around the world.

In this chapter, we discuss the results of our poll question, ‘Approximately what percentage of your telco operations are automated?’ and put the following questions to our industry experts:

  • How does Supermicro’s technology and expertise directly impact the reduction of supply-side SKUs?
  • How have Supermicro’s hardware solutions been used in greenfield networks and is anything different for existing mobile network operators?
  • Can the use of automation in hardware reduce energy costs and associated greenhouse gas emissions?

Broadcast live October 2023

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Geoff Hollingworth

CMO, Rakuten Symphony

Mory Lin

VP of IoT/Embedded & Edge Computing, Supermicro

Caroline Chan

VP of the Network and Edge Group, Intel