The 4th Global 5G Event in Seoul 2017

Via 5G Americas Newsroom

Nov 28, 2017

22-23 November 2017, Seoul, Korea

The 5G Forum, the leading 5G visionary organization in Korea, organized the 4th Global 5G Event with other leading 5G visionary organizations from around the world including: 5G Americas, 5G Brasil, IMT-2020 (5G) PG, 5G-IA and 5GMF

Seoul, Korea – 22 November 2017 - The 5G Forum organized the 4th Global 5G Event in Seoul on 22-23 November 2017, “5G, Accelerating the 4th Industrial Revolution”. The conference sessions were designed to inspire the continued progress of 5G technology and focused on government policies, promotions, services, trial projects, and other industrial convergence opportunities for 5G. Each session was presented by the 5G forward-thinking luminaries from six different countries. In addition, special conference sessions addressed the 5G trial services of the PyeonChang Winter Olympic 2018.

5G Forum also invited foreign visitors to the SKT and LGU+ 5G demonstration site for technical tours and the 5G field trial site at the PyeongChang Olympic venue on 23-24 November 2017.

DongKu KIM, Chair of Executive Committee, 5G Forum stated,

“The theme of the 4th Global 5G Event, ‘5G, Accelerating the 4th Industrial Revolution’ is very timely in the course of on-going 5G vertical trials such as Pyeongchang 5G Trials. 5G would be a vertical and customer driven network, where much of its demands are expected to come from many verticals such as automotive and transportation industries. The unifying theme of all the talks and presentation in this event was that we are good to go for phase-2 vertical trials such as V2X in 5G, how much global collaboration we have been working on so far, and how much Korea has committed to Pyeongchang 5G trials service. I strongly believe that this event will serve as a catalyst to accelerate the global collaboration for phase-2 vertical trials."

Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas stated,

“5G wireless technology could affect almost all aspects of the connected world we live in. The 4th Global 5G Event in Seoul provided an opportunity for key 5G wireless industry stakeholders to share information and discuss ways to continue the great progress of the 5G ecosystem. 5G Americas looks forward to hosting the next event in the United States in May of 2018.”

Jose Marcos C. Brito, General Secretary of 5G Brasil stated,

“The 4th Global 5G Event in Seoul was a great event, with high quality speeches on extremely relevant topics, covering the whole ecosystem of 5G networks. The themes covered by the 4th Global 5G Event included: governmental policies, spectrum harmonization, technological trends, services, verticals markets, PoC, trials, solutions, applications, cooperation, and several others. Thus, the participants had contact with the state of the art of the various aspects of 5G. The section Cross-Regional Activities for 5G, which first appeared in the 4Th Global 5G event, showed that cooperation has been fruitful and already show significant results. The live demonstration at PyeongChang was also remarkable, showing a real application of 5G technologies.”

Zhiqin WANG, Chair of IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group stated,

“The main part of the first version of 5G standard will be finalized by the end of this year which takes us a big step closer to 5G commercialization. During the 4th Global 5G Event, we exchanged the views and experiences on 5G trial, 5G integrated applications (e.g. V2X), etc., to promote the 5G commercialization more successfully.”

Colin Willcock, Chair of 5G-IA stated,

“The 4th Global 5G Event in Seoul provided an excellent overview of the global status, activities and future plans in the 5G domain. The timing and theme ‘Accelerating the 4th Industrial Revolution’ was well chosen and directly in line with the current transition from fundamental 5G technology development towards validation and 5G vertical trials. The high-quality presentations, including for the first time cross-regional collaborative activities, combined with interesting live demonstrations such as Pyeongchang 5G Trials made for a compelling program. The event again emphasized the unique nature of these global 5G events and the value of the collaboration between regional industry associations (5G-IA (Europe), IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group (China), 5G Forum (South Korea), 5GMF (Japan), 5G Americas (United States) and 5G Brasil (Brazil)).”

Susumu Yoshida, Chair of 5GMF declared,

“It is a great honor to be able to participate in the Fourth Global 5G Event in Seoul. The theme of this Event, “5G, Accelerating the 4th Industrial Revolution”, is an extremely important concept and indeed timely. 5G is expected to be an important component of the next generation of communication infrastructure, which will be able to help solve social and economic problems as well as bring growth to existing industries and cultivate new industries.

The 5GMF put forward the concept of “Creating the Crossover Collaboration for 5G Eco-Society” at the 3rd Global Event in Tokyo. From the perspective of realizing 5G in 2020 as part of constructing the next generation of communications infrastructure, it is important to create an environment that enables crossover collaboration to occur between the different players in the fields of investing, commercialization and the development of new industries, and regional revitalization.

The 5GMF is currently providing support for Japan’s 5G system field trials, which the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications began holding in May of this year. We are also working to inform those both in Japan and abroad about the trends of these trials. For 5G to be realized, in addition to the progress that needs to be made in research and development as well as global standards, thought also needs to be put into how to demonstrate its usefulness to society. We need to be able to explain to general users what kinds of changes 5G can bring to their work and their daily lives.

I hope that the discussion and exchanges of information and opinions that will occur at the Fourth Global Event in Seoul will be of value to everyone involved in the realization of 5G. Finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Korea’s 5G Forum and everyone else involved in organizing this Fourth Global Event in Seoul.”

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