Huawei officially releases 4.5G Evolution concept

Via Huawei Corporate News

Nov 25, 2016

Empowering Telecom Operators to Drive Continuous Business Growth

[Tokyo, Japan, November 25, 2016]At the 4.5G Network Development Summit during the 2016 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei announced its new "4.5G Evolution" concept. As an enhancement to 4.5G, the new concept helps telecom operators build a future-oriented network with higher capabilities to expand their businesses and meet user demand for fast and reliable mobile broadband services. In his speech entitled "4.5G Evolution, Leading Today's Success", Bob Cai, Head of Huawei LTE FDD Product Line, noted that 4.5G Evolution maximizes the capacity of existing networks and enables future-oriented evolution through three core areas: Go Giga, Go Vertical, and Go Cloudification.

  • Go Giga: Maximizing existing network capabilities to thrive in a gigabit era

By leveraging massive MIMO, massive CA, and other cutting-edge technologies, Go Giga brings maximum value to the network, fully supporting high capacity requirements at outdoor hotspots, large venues, homes, and other locations. Go Giga delivers peak rate capabilities and seamless high-speed services in all scenarios for an improved user experience. Through Go Giga, both cell center and cell edge users can enjoy high quality services, with the cell peak rate and average capacity improved. Users can gain high-speed network access outdoors and indoors, without perceiving any difference in the quality of service.

  • Go Vertical: Broadening business by entering vertical markets.

By utilizing NB-IoT technology, telecom operators can participate in the mobile IoT market, driving digital transformation through network capability exposure. Huawei has completed the end-to-end technological verification of NB-IoT with a number of world-leading telecom operators, laying a preliminary foundation for the exploration of new business models. LiTRA, a broadband trunking communications technology based on the public LTE network, is ideal for telecom operators to quickly enter the public safety field and industrial trunking communications market. LTE-V makes urban transport safer and more efficient by allowing vehicle-vehicle, people-vehicle, and vehicle-network communications over the operators' existing networks.

  • Go Cloudification: Evolving to the future by embracing a cloudified architecture.

CloudRAN is a technology that applies a cloudified architecture to the Radio Access Network (RAN). A CloudRAN-enabled network features significantly shorter end-to-end latency to improve the user experience. By supporting flexible deployment of various services and technologies, CloudRAN also helps telecom operators improve their network resource usage and O&M efficiency. As an anchor for joining 4.5G and 5G, CloudRAN helps maximize network collaboration efficiency.

4.5G has become the industry mainstream with world-leading telecom operators actively engaged in commercial 4.5G network deployments. Top chip vendors have also contributed to the maturity of the 4.5G ecosystem by releasing 4.5G-capable chipsets for terminals. 4.5 Evolution will be dedicated to further promoting maximum network value, exploring vertical markets, and supporting future-oriented network evolution, ensuring long-term business success for all participants.

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