NFV will be accepted by CSPs only when security can be guaranteed

Martyn Warwick
By Martyn Warwick

Jun 3, 2016

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Tetsuya Nakamura, Principal Architect, CableLabs

Security is utterly central and utterly vital to ensuring the success of NFV in a CSP's network. If security fails or breaches occur, confidence in NFV, the cloud, IoT and other engines of network growth and prosperity will falter and confidence in virtual technology and services will stall. Thus, one of the keys to making NFV a reality is to ensure that security vulnerabilities are addressed immediately, while NFV is still in its nascent phase, and not left to be addressed later. As Tetsuya Nakamura explains, while it was fairly easy to ensure the security of the physically and logically separated silos that characterised the old networks, providing and guaranteeing security in the overarching horizontal model of the new NFV-based network is an order of magnitude more difficult. 

Filmed at: NFV World Congress, San Jose, 2016

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