Sales launch of electronic health card offer

08-30-2018 Rainer Knirsch

  • Bundle offer for doctors, ambulances, and therapists available as of September 3
  • Medical Access Port Bundle connects practices to healthcare network
  • More than 20,000 preorders
  • Deutsche Telekom's electronic practice ID has nationwide approval

Starting tomorrow, Deutsche Telekom will launch technology for connecting medical practices to the nationwide health network.

Starting tomorrow, Deutsche Telekom will launch technology for connecting medical practices to the nationwide health network..

As of September 3, Deutsche Telekom is selling Starter bundles for the nationwide secure healthcare network. The offer is called the “Medical Access Port Bundle.” It connects doctors, ambulances, and therapists with the telematics infrastructure, i.e., the digital information highway in healthcare. Deutsche Telekom is a full-service provider. Healthcare customers will get everything they need to connect their practices to the telematics infrastructure from one source.

The entire offer from Deutsche Telekom had previously completed the rigorous review of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and obtained the approval of gematik, a company for telematics applications of the health card. More than 20,000 prospective customers have already registered with Deutsche Telekom and its sales partners even before sales of the bundle offer have been launched.

The Starter bundle includes the Medical Access Port connector from Deutsche Telekom, a stationary card terminal or a card terminal with a keyboard, a secure connection between the practices and the healthcare network, and services.Card readers and Medical Access Ports are equipped with the necessary security cards from the outset. The chip cards identify the connected devices in the healthcare network. Devices do not connect without the cards. This contributes to the high security level of the telematics infrastructure.

Special service helps doctors get started in the healthcare network

For the time being, the Starter bundle costs 2,881.99* euros. The bundle includes delivery of the hardware to the practice, installation and configuration on site, and instructions. In addition, there are currently monthly costs of 82.67* euros. This includes a secure connection to the healthcare network, maintenance of the connector, and special customer service with a dedicated hotline for doctors.For card readers, Deutsche Telekom includes either the ORGA 6141 online reader from Ingenico or the Cherry G87-1505 keyboard with integrated reader in the bundle. (*gross incl. 19% VAT)

Doctors need electronic practice ID by the installation date

Doctors need the electronic practice ID card (SMC-B card) in addition to the Medical Access Port Bundle. Doctors need to have their ID card no later than the connection date because installation is not possible without the card. The card identifies and registers the practice in the healthcare network. All associations of statutory health insurance physicians and dentists in Germany have approved the practice ID from Deutsche Telekom for the healthcare network.

Sign electronically in the future with the Health Professional Card

The electronic Health Professional Card (eHBA) will also be available from Deutsche Telekom in the future. It is required to sign documents digitally by means of a qualified electronic signature (QES). Additional stationary card terminals or keyboards, as well as mobile card readers, can also be ordered. More information about services and prices is available here (German).

Master data application launches first – digital doctor’s signature (QES) to follow

The first telematics infrastructure application that the Medical Access Port supports will be the management of statutory insurance policyholders’ master data (VSDM). The insurance policyholder’s master data is read off their electronic health card and updated online as needed. To check that the policyholder’s master data is up to date, the VSDM application communicates via the Medical Access Port and a secure encrypted connection with the insurance provider. Necessary updates are written to the card directly. Previously, when policyholder’s master data changed, they always had to receive a new plastic card. Insurance providers can now eliminate the costs of new cards and shipping.

In the future, the Medical Access Port will also allow qualified electronic signatures (QES). These allow doctors to legally sign documents electronically, such as electronic medical reports that are sent from doctor to doctor. Other applications for the telematics infrastructure are to follow, such as emergency data management (NFDM) and the electronic medication plan (eMP), an application for medication safety (AMTS).

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