Huawei’s 10G PON Solution Helps China Mobile(Shanghai) Build the First Dual-Gigabit City

Via Huawei Corporate News

Apr 20, 2019

Apr 19, 2019

[Shanghai, China, April 19, 2019] China Mobile(Shanghai) recently announced the adoption of Huawei's 10G PON E2E solution to promote the construction of demo gigabit broadband communities. This represents a major step towards the goal of building a "dual-gigabit city" that has both wired and wireless gigabit broadband.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China has proposed the "Dual-gigabit acceleration, same speed for same network" plan to promote fixed broadband gigabit applications, and now China Mobile (Shanghai) has launched the "Dual-Gigabit First City" plan and released multiple gigabit broadband convergence packages to provide gigabit home broadband and 5G services together. It is estimated that by the third quarter of 2019, gigabit broadband will cover 5.6 million home users and 3000 buildings, and gigabit broadband coverage will be available in all administrative districts of Shanghai. As the first step, China Mobile (Shanghai) will officially announce a 40 demo gigabit broadband communities in the near future.

Emerging services such as 4K/8K and online VR games pose great challenges to existing fixed GPON broadband networks. As network traffic increases exponentially, at least 200 Mbps bandwidth is required to ensure stable user experience. Traditional GPON networks are difficult to accelerate, and urgently need to be upgraded to 10G PON to support massive deployment of gigabit applications. In homes, approximately 80% of traffic is transmitted over Wi-Fi. Video services require a through-wall packet loss rate less than 10-6 to avoid erratic display, and strong-interactive services such as VR requires a Wi-Fi delay less than 7 ms to avoid obvious freezing. Therefore, the Wi-Fi networks also need to be upgraded to ensure user experience. Fixed broadband networks urgently need to evolve to next-generation 10G PON networks to provide premium user experience with higher bandwidth and better Wi-Fi quality.

To meet the requirements of China Mobile (Shanghai)’s aim to deploy home gigabit networks on a large scale, Huawei provides the industry-leading 10G PON solution which features ultra-broadband access, high-performance Wi-Fi, and premium service experience. At the central office side, the next-generation distributed large-capacity OLT platform MA5800 is used to implement full-fiber access. A single MA5800 supports a maximum of 16,000 online 4K and VR video subscribers. To support smooth evolution from GPON to 10G PON and protect the investment of operators, Huawei provides the PON Combo solution which supports two modes on one board. In this way, evolution from GPON to 10G PON requires no change in central offices or fiber routes, and terminals can be deployed on demand. In addition, the MA5800 has the highest density and minimum power consumption in the industry, enabling full-fiber networks with the optimal total cost of ownership per bit. With respect to user experience, the MA5800 features the high-performance multi-core multi-process technology, enabling 4,000 video subscribers to complete channel switching within one second. The system-level large buffer can better meet the requirements of high burst, low delay, and low packet loss rate for high-traffic VR videos.

To meet new home connection requirements, China Mobile (Shanghai) adopts Huawei's 10G PON gigabit gateway products to support a network rate of up to 10 Gbps and provide gigabit ultra-broadband access for bandwidth-hungry services such as video, VR, and games. In terms of Wi-Fi, Huawei-developed chips and optimization algorithms effectively solves key problems that affect the home user experience, such as strong signal conflicts, large interference, poor coverage, and slow speeds. The proprietary optimization algorithm greatly reduces the Wi-Fi transmission delay, solves video and game stalling, and ensures a premium immersive service experience in services such as 4K/8K videos, online gaming, and cloud VR.

A senior manager of China Mobile (Shanghai) said: "We are dedicated to providing the ultimate home broadband service experience for end users. Huawei's end-to-end 10G PON solution can effectively support our goal of building gigabit broadband networks to ensure stable user experience in new services such as 4K/8K videos and VR. In the future, China Mobile (Shanghai) hopes to work with partners like Huawei to build the first "dual-gigabit city" to provide a premium subscriber experience while promoting the digital economy in the Yangtze River Delta."

The rapid development of 4K/8K and VR/AR video services drives home broadband to accelerate to the gigabit era. Huawei's 10G PON solution meets users' requirements for high-bandwidth, high-performance Wi-Fi, and premium experience networks. In the future, Huawei will cooperate with China Mobile (Shanghai) to build Shanghai into the first dual-gigabit city.

So far, Huawei has helped more than 30 leading operators deploy 10G PON networks in a large scale, ranking first in the global market share. As a world-leading ultra-broadband solutions provider, Huawei continues to lead technological innovations and works jointly with industry partners to promote the development of the full-fiber access industry, helping operators build ultra-broadband access networks centered on user experience, achieve differentiated competitiveness, and realize business success.

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