5G is worrying because it’s so good

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Jul 11, 2018

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  • Petja Heimbach asks what can he deliver under 5G that couldn’t also be delivered by an OTT competitor?
  • A universal rich messaging platform available by default on every mobile device, like SMS 
  • Then you build more functionality

Dr Petja Heimbach, VP of Communications, Deutsche Telekom

As a telco product guy, Petja Heimbach says he has a slight problem. “Best effort using 5G will be fantastic and the best network will deliver everything at its best.” So, he asks, what could he deliver from a telco product and service perspective that couldn’t also be delivered by his OTT competitors?
One key to this telco conundrum, he maintains, is to have a universal rich messaging platform (available by default on every mobile device, like SMS) and build more functionality - especially commercial functionality - on top of it over time. With integrated communications, including augmented and virtual reality apps expected to be on a charge over the next five years, he believes that telcos armed with 5G and RCS (Rich Communication Services, or something like it), will be able to deliver a superior experience.

Filmed at: 5G World 2018, London, UK

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