Part Three: The Open RAN Tipping Point

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Jan 31, 2024

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Live Interactive Programme (On Demand)

‘The Open RAN Tipping Point: Moving from Early Adopter to Early Majority’ programme, broadcast on TelecomTV on the 31 January, highlighted the transformative journey of virtual and Open RAN technology, with pivotal roles played by industry leaders from Intel, Wind River and Dell. As Open RAN reaches a tipping point, marked by a convergence of key factors, this programme explored the lessons learned, the partnerships forged and the innovations that are driving a monumental shift in the telecommunications landscape.

Watch the programme on demand to explore:

  • Lessons learned from major deployments at Vodafone and Verizon
  • Gains to be made in energy efficiency
  • How to remove roadblocks to deployment
  • The critical components of an optimised Open RAN architecture
  • How to achieve stringent traditional RAN performance indicators

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Wind River


Cristina Rodriguez

VP of the Network and Edge Group, GM of the Wireless Access Network Division, Intel Corporation

Davide Cherubini

Senior Specialist Solutions Architect, Wind River

Divine Ofori Amankwah

Principal Telco Solutions Architect, Telecom Systems Business, Dell Technologies

Manish Singh

CTO, Telecom Systems Business, Dell Technologies

Matt Conrod

vRAN Business Development Director - Intel Sales and Marketing, Intel Corporation

Paul Miller

Chief Technology Officer, Wind River

Ravi Calyanakoti

Principal Telco Solutions Architect, Telecom Systems Business, Dell Technologies

Clarence Reynolds

Editorial Contributor, TelecomTV

Guy Daniels

Director of Content, TelecomTV