Live Q&A featuring Arelion, STL Partners, Telenor and Wind River

By Guy Daniels, Ray Le Maistre

Jan 24, 2023

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Live Q&A discussion

The live Q&A show was broadcast at the end of day one of the Green Network Summit. TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels and Ray Le Maistre were joined by industry guest panellists for this question and answer session. Among the questions raised by our audience were:

  • Are manufacturers playing their part in reducing energy consumption, or are telcos having to shoulder the responsibility through network design and simplification?
  • Is there an easier way for a telco to get its hundreds and thousands of suppliers set up for Scope 3 and green compliance?
  • Is it easier to monitor and measure energy consumption in fixed and data transport networks as opposed to wireless and mobile networks?
  • What, if anything, can or should telecom or spectrum regulators do to incentivise telcos to "go green"?
  • Sustainability considerations and improved energy efficiency are essential as we move forward, but how will it be financed?

First Broadcast Live: January 2023


Gil Hellmann

Vice President, Telecom Solutions Engineering & Architecture, Wind River

Mattias Fridström

Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Arelion

Philip Laidler

Partner & MD of Consulting, STL Partners

Dr. Terje Jensen

SVP of Network and Cloud Technology Strategy, Telenor