Huawei releases PoleStar2.0 to accelerate Smart City deployment

Via Huawei Corporate News

Nov 29, 2018

London, United Kingdom, November 26, 2018

Huawei released PoleStar2.0 at the 2018 Global Mobile Broadband Forum. As the infrastructure in smart cities, PoleStar2.0 supports a diverse range of services on a single pole, including 5G mobile communication, smart lighting, smart monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT), smart environmental protection, and city information release. PoleStar2.0 features open physical ports, modular device installation, a component-based structure design, and an open service platform. This solution helps to lower the manufacturing costs for smart poles and facilitates long-term evolution, accelerating the deployment of smart cities and 5G networks.

As the process of informatization is quickly accelerating in many cities around the world, requirements of smart cities have become major driving forces for the rapid advancement of the smart pole industry. These requirements include smart municipal administration, Safe City, and smart transportation. Traditionally, a new service requires the deployment of an additional pole. This will potentially increase the number of poles on streets and impede pole deployment. Improvement of smart pole investment efficiency and simplification of the deployment of smart poles are two considerable challenges currently facing the industry. A new round of ICT opportunities created by 5G also bring about significant challenges regarding operators' site deployment. Acquiring a large number of site locations at a low cost will be a major challenge for smart city development.

Huawei PoleStar2.0 is a new innovative solution that is uniquely designed to resolve the challenges of low investment smart pole efficiency and arduous site deployment. This is a cutting-edge smart city infrastructure solution that supports a diverse range of services on a single pole, including 5G mobile communication, smart lighting, smart monitoring, IoT, smart environmental protection, and city information release. PoleStar2.0 features an open pole design and poles can be locally manufactured and provided in batches, helping to lower manufacturing and supply costs. PoleStar2.0 also features standard interfaces on poles, allowing for flexible service interconnection and expansion. Additional components, such as cameras and sensors, can be connected to standard ports on poles to support flexible functionality expansion, facilitating the long-term evolution of smart cities. In addition, PoleStar2.0 supports open service interfaces. Standard APIs allow third-party applications to access the PoleStar2.0 cloud platform and provide commercial services, improving the monetization capability of smart poles.

PoleStar2.0 reserves standard base station interfaces for operators. Large-scale introduction of PoleStar2.0 during smart pole deployment will allow smart poles to interconnect with 5G base station modules and provide a large number of 5G site locations. This facilitates rapid, on-demand 5G deployment and significantly lowers site deployment costs for all operators. PoleStar2.0 also promotes sharing among operators, municipal departments, and smart service providers, allowing all parties to share the deployment cost and achieve win-win cooperation.

Cao Ming, Vice President of Huawei Wireless Product Line, commented, "Smart cities are an inevitable trend. New urban infrastructure is one of the most important key factors in the development of smart cities. PoleStar2.0 features an open platform, sharing, and activates a smart city ecosystem to improve the utilization of urban infrastructure and provide a sustainable, integrated urban infrastructure solution."

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