Indentive prioritizes consumer security for its state-of-the-art IoT platform

Via Irdeto Press Releases

Aug 7, 2018

Security partner Irdeto to provide advanced Cloakware protection and anti-hacking for Indentive’s home IoT gateway device and suite of IoT consumer services in Sweden

AMSTERDAM - 06 August 2018 - Irdeto is partnering with Indentive, a Swedish IoT technology provider, to secure its home IoT platform, Connective. Indentive will implement Irdeto Cloakware® to ensure that security is built into the basis of the home network, including the latest generation of its consumer-facing IoT applications. This move is intended to offer better and more efficient protection than the retrofitting that often occurs in the IoT industry today, leading to unnecessary costs and performance overhead. Irdeto will work with Indentive to secure both its IoT gateway device through its Secure Environment product as well as harden the companion mobile IoT apps through Cloakware to ensure a secure smart home environment for consumers.

Indentive’s Connective platform is initially scheduled to be rolled out in seven cities in Sweden. Upon signing up for the platform, consumers will receive the home gateway device, five sensors, two wall plugs and one door sensor. There is also the option to add additional devices and systems, all built on a gateway and app with strong security built in. The combination of Irdeto’s Cloakware security and Indentive’s IoT platform will allow consumers to securely access a suite of advanced IoT enabled services such as home health monitoring for senior citizens, sustainability services such as optimizing water, lighting and energy usage, home security and many other services using the simple and intuitive Connective platform.

“IoT connectivity is driving innovation and providing many opportunities for consumers to enhance their lives,” said Anders Visell, CEO, Indentive . “However, it is crucial that these opportunities are offered securely. As a forward-thinking organization with a lot of experience in the pay TV business, it was important for us to partner with a similarly innovative company specializing in security. This partnership with Irdeto will build robust security into our IoT platform, ensuring that consumers in Sweden - and beyond - can build a connected home network with protection from cyberattacks. Our goal is to help consumers securely take advantage of all that the Internet of Things has to offer. Working with Irdeto will give us the credibility we need to deliver our IoT platform to the international market.”

“In the past, a common model for IoT devices was to build, ship and forget. This has resulted in a flood of unsecured consumer devices in homes and a challenge in retrofitting security,” said Jaco Du Plooy, Vice President of IoT Security, Irdeto . “Indentive understands the importance of building security into the home IoT network from the ground-up. This proactive strategy will see consumers better protected from hacking and IoT vulnerabilities.”

Cloakware for IoT is a comprehensive software protection solution that consists of a set of anti-hacking technologies that add extra layers of security to software platforms, apps and endpoint devices. It prevents hackers from reverse engineering by using anti-debug, code and data transformations, whitebox cryptography and other technologies. Renewability, diversity and secure key management are crucial aspects of the Cloakware for IoT solution to ensure lifecycle management of IoT endpoint devices and applications.

About Indentive

Indentive develops, sells and run the proprietary IoT platform Connective. Connective connects the end-user (consumer) with the service provider and offers the operator an opportunity to deliver additional digital services to its existing customers. The platform gives the end-user an opportunity to select and utilize the IoT services offered through the platform via a single application.

Indentive also develops, sells and operates television systems for television services distributed through the internet and to mobile devices. The systems, as with Connective, are aimed at the operator market and complement the company's existing Connective offer.

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