Survival of the fittest: Natural selection process at work in network virtualisation

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Diego R. Lopez, Head of Technology Exploration, Global CTO Unit, Telefonica I+D

As Diego Lopez explains, as far as OPNFV is concerned Telefonica at first kept a low profile until the shape of the ecosystem became apparent. He says that at the start too many contradictory claims were being made and too many products being launched but now that early fog of confusion has dissipated, the process of natural selection is at work and a community is coalescing around agreed standards and objectives. Now that is happening Telefonica has become a strong participant in that community as it becomes evident that the Open Source approach is a viable way of creating and agreeing standards much more quickly than in the past. And, because it is oriented towards real-world implementation, operators and service providers can now steer the industry in the direction that they want to serve their own interests rather than those of the vendors.

Filmed at: OPNFV Summit, Berlin, 2016

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