Innovation fuels open source, but focus gets it to the finish line

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Chris Wright, CTO, Red Hat

Open source is about finding the balance between innovation and value creation, says Red Hat CTO Chris Wright. As he explains, the diverse collaborative structure of open source facilitates innovations through the creation of new projects, but the industry must remember to focus on best of breed solutions and use cases, so as not to fragment developer resources.

When open source works, like Linux, it becomes a powerful platform that drives innovation across multiple areas, from applications to hardware and even security, where the open source community becomes an asset rather than a liability because they help identify vulnerabilities and fixing them as a community, according to Wright. Further, the emergence of mid-stream organisations like OPNFV now brings together different open source projects, making them accessible by users, and creating environments no only for collaborations, but solutions integration and testing, he adds.

Filmed at: OPNFV Summit, 2017, Beijing, China

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