Turkcell and Ericsson execute 5G-supported Autonomous Mobile Robot solution

Turkcell and Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) have successfully performed a 5G industrial use case demonstration of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Safe Crossing in a real warehouse environment. The demonstration was achieved over Turkcell’s 5G Private Network, provided by Ericsson and was deployed in close collaboration with Ericsson’s Industry 4.0 partner, local manufacturer of autonomous mobile robot Milvus Robotics. This demonstration follows the successful first industrial use case demonstration of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Safe Crossing in Turkey that was performed earlier in the year in Turkcell’s test laboratory.

The use case involved AMRs, Milvus Robotics’ own production SEIT500, that were tested for material handling within the warehouse. The AMR, connected over the trial 5G network, transferred the orders created over the Internet to the robots' joint task manager via the order management system, which were then transferred to the robots in the warehouse via 5G. In this demonstration, the 5G-connected AMR worked safely, efficiently, and smoothly over the wireless connection with the task manager and the industrial area scanner placed in the blind spot thereby overcoming the anticipated challenges of WiFi connections like disconnections and delays.

Hasan Ölmez, co- founder of Milvus Robotics says: “We are experiencing a lot of difficulties in the use of mobile robots in industrial environments, especially in wireless communication over WiFi in multi-robot applications. Breakdowns, low speeds, narrowness of the broadcast area of access points, delays in data transfer are the main problems. We think that 5G will be the new standard of industrial communication infrastructure in the near future due to the features it offers and solutions to these problems, and as a result of these tests, we have discovered the performance differences between Wi-Fi and 5G. We are very pleased to say that our robots can also work in harmony with 5G and that we have made this transition smoothly. “

The demonstration highlighted 5G’s and Private Networks’ abilities to enable manufacturers in Türkiye to process and manage, with Artificial Intelligence (AI), substantial amounts of data that allow the free movement of multiple AMRs around the production environment with a high density of connected devices. With the successful demonstration of this use case, Turkcell will start providing reliable, fast, and secure 5G ready private connectivity to its enterprise customers in the logistics sector as well as other vertical industries with the support of Ericsson Private 5G (EP5G) end-to-end solution.

Gediz Sezgin, Chief Technology Officer at Turkcell says: “As a leading digitalization brand in Türkiye, we continue to develop innovative technologies for the future. Acting with a human-oriented approach in all of our processes, Turkcell develops technologies that make life easier for institutions and people. Thanks to our cooperation with our national and international solution partners on technology, we develop innovative solutions for the needs and demands of different sectors with the aim of adding value to Türkiye in the field of technology. We have demonstrated one of the first examples of this with the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) demo. We are committed to work together with our partners, like Ericsson, to implement the latest technologies and solutions that support the industrial transformation processes of businesses in Türkiye.”

Işıl Yalçın, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Turkey at Ericsson Middle East and Africa: “As the demand of industries to connect more devices rises, so does the need for high-quality networks. Ericsson Private Network Solutions (EP5G) is the prime choice for secure and efficient connectivity with high throughput and low latency that supports many use cases. It is expected that 5G technology will become the standard of industrial communication infrastructure in the very near future, considering the necessity of connections and communications, especially for Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0. Working together with Turkcell and Milvus Robotics on this use case, it is evident that the future is very promising. We are committed to support Turkcell and industries in more use cases to open the doors wider to the digital future of Türkiye by using Ericsson Private Network solutions.”

The Ericsson Connected Manufacturing: A guide to Industry 4.0 transformation report highlights AMR’s use in real-time production chain automation as one of the most important use cases in an enterprise’s Industry 4.0 transformation journey. The successful AMR demonstration has brought Turkcell one step closer to offering solutions that propel enterprises across Türkiye in their industrial transformation journeys.

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