Turkcell and Huawei jointly experienced singleRAN pro-based TM9 commercial networks

Via Huawei Corporate News

Jun 26, 2018

[Antalya, Turkey, June 25, 2018] Running up to the World Mobile Congress Shanghai 2018, Turkcell successfully tested TM9 commercial networks in its TechCity. A few days of monitoring suggests that user experience and network performance all meet the design targets. The activation of TM9 in Turkcell network is a prelude of evolution toward massive antenna network, it lays a solid foundation for future capacity expansion through higher order MIMO, as well as stepping into the 5G era. It also releases positive signals for the maturity of the TM9 industry in Turkey.

TM9 is a key technology defined by 3GPP Release 10. Based on the new designed transmission mode, TM9 breaks the technical barriers of network evolution to multi-antenna networking and paves the way for further improvement of network capacity. In a multi-antenna network, TM9 can help a base station form a user specific beam (Beamforming), and enable single user multiple-input multiple-output (SU-MIMO) and multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technology, thereby effectively improving cell capacity and user experience.

Turkcell's current LTE network are widely equipped with 4T4R sites, after the activation of TM9 in those TechCity sites and a few days of observation, user experience are proved to meet design target. Followed by, Turkcell test TM9 based on Massive MIMO in its commercial network. "The launch of TM9 is a key milestone of Turkcell TechCity project this year," said Gediz Sezgin, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Turkcell. "TM9 is the evolution trend of All Business Connected LTE network and is a necessary technology in 5G era network. Turkcell took the first step in this direction, laying a solid foundation for delivering better user experience, and for developing full service like video, wireless broad band, internet of things in Turkcell All Business Connected LTE network. In addition, our interest in TM9 will lead the device industry in Turkey toward TM9."

Dr Zhou Yuefeng, Huawei Wireless CMO said: "Massive MIMO is a key trend in LTE evolution. It is also a critical part of Huawei's SingleRAN Pro solution for 5G-oriented capacity evolution. A mature TM9 ecosystem will fully unleash the capacity potential of Massive MIMO networks, helping to maximize capacity gains for operators. We are very happy to help Turkcell take the lead in deploying TM9 commercial network. This year will be the booming of TM9 industry. Mainstream chip vendors have released mobile phone chips that support TM9, TM9 is now activated by default on some high-end mobile phones from mainstream manufacturers. With the maturity of TM9 device industry, it is estimated that the number of TM9 commercial networks will reach 30 by the end of this year. "

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