The Things Industries and Solvera Lynx announce Energy Management Solutions using LoRaWAN

Via LoRa Alliance

Oct 23, 2018

Amsterdam, 22 October, 2018 – The Things Industries today announced a partnership with Slovenian based Solvera Lynx, a company specialized in information and communication technologies on providing solutions for energy management and remote monitoring in industry & buildings, utilities, telecommunication, agriculture and transport sector. Both Solvera Lynx and The Things Industries will be presenting at the upcoming European Utility Week on 6-8 November in Vienna, Austria (link).

As cities and industrial companies move towards efficient, advanced technologies, the offering from The Things Industries and Solvera Lynx on energy management is the game changer and a cornerstone of a new transformation. These solutions for smart energy management (EM) are based on wireless LoRaWAN® technology, which works as a better alternative than the classical wired networks due to its long range, unique penetration capabilities, flexibility, easy operation & maintenance, and safe & reliable data transfer.

Using software and hardware solutions based on LoRaWAN® technology allows to focus on the energy-saving projects instead of the cabling.

The Things Industries is the enterprise arm of The Things Network. Started from Amsterdam in 2015, it has now expanded to over 800 cities around the world. With over 5000 LoRaWAN gateways connected, there is ubiquitous connectivity across the major cities and in a case where there is no network, setting one up is a relatively easy with easily available documentation and resources. This network enables various new emerging practical applications such as smart parking, remote monitoring, energy management among others. The features from The Things Industries are designed for small to large enterprises that need carrier grade deployments.

Adding enhanced security with HSM (hardware secure element) based Join Servers, enterprise grade integrations, advanced network diagnostics, multi-tenancy and firmware updates over LoRaWAN (FOTA).

Solvera Lynx and The Things Industries are offering the following solutions - Energy consumption monitoring (electricity, heat, natural gas, water)

  • Energy efficiency analysis: key energy KPIs indication and control over electrical energy production
  • Targeted energy performance analyses: targeting energy consumption quantities and costs, especially focusing on the energy consumption of heating and cooling technologies
  • Reduction of energy losses and water leakages
  • Implementation of an alarm system in case of consumption or cost deviations
  • Energy accounting: energy accounting system implementation, building energy consumption, benchmarking and analyses of energy costs

Implementation of this solution allows primary energy management goals: Holistic monitoring of energy efficiency performance

  • Reduction of energy & water consumption up to 10 times
  • Lower your energy bill Lower CO2 emissions
  • Supporting in ISO 50.001 implementation

This partnership with Solvera Lynx is quite a strategic one for us. LoRaWAN has been used for a large number of energy monitoring applications and with this we can cater to the growing demand of these solutions within the ecosystem. — Wienke Giezeman, CEO, The Things Industries

Not only have we recognized the IoT potential; we are working on communication networks and sensing solutions to drive the IoT applications to its full potential. We produce most advanced hardware and software platforms, making a quality leap from popular discussions to a reality of connected devices in cities and harsh industrial environments. — Klemen Logar, Sales Director, Solvera Lynx

“After 16 months of good operations, we are highly satisfied with our choice. The solution we have created fits our organization. Combox.L CI® devices with LoRaWAN® and Gemalogic® as energy management system work for us”, Magda Gabrijelcic , Energy Manager, Salonit Anhovo - Cement manufacturing company

“I'm the energy manager of one of the largest malls in Europe, based in Slovenia: BTC City Ljubljana. Our center is as big as a small town and our energy bill was eating up to 10% of our global budget. To cut this consumption and costs, we decided to deploy an Energy Management system tailored to our “small town” needs. We’ve used Solvera Lynx’s Energy Management system for over a year now and achieved a 5% reduction in energy consumption. Water leakage has reduced by 90%, from the staggering amount of nearly 40 % overall to only 4.5% and the energy loss caused by water leakage has been reduced by up to 6%. The system has paid-off; we will continue using this LoRaWAN energy management platform!" - Tomaž Damjan, Energy Manager, BTC City

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