Capitalising on an Open Vendor Ecosystem

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

May 24, 2022

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SESSION 4 - Capitalising on an Open Vendor Ecosystem

A move towards “openness” has seen the emergence of new technologies and solutions for telecoms networks and interfaces, and whilst Open RAN grabs the headlines, there are many more projects following its example. Coupled with the continuing trend of hardware and software disaggregation, this has resulted in a potentially larger, more innovative and democratic ecosystem of suppliers and developers, which should result in exciting new opportunities for network operators. But this new open vendor ecosystem needs the support of telcos - they need to be proactive, and that means investment, partnerships, and simpler procurement terms. It also requires conformance to standards and interoperability. Only then can this expanded ecosystem help CSPS with their transition to DSPs.


Adrian Scrase


Danielle Royston

Founder and CEO, TelcoDR

Ildikó Váncsa

Senior Manager, Community & Ecosystem, Open Infrastructure Foundation

Mark Chong*

Group Chief Technology Officer, Singtel and Board Member, NGMN

Neil McRae

Managing Director Architecture & Technology Strategy and BT Chief Architect, BT

Rahul Chandra

Vice President, Global 5G Business Development, NEC

Yago Tenorio

Fellow and Network Architecture Director, Vodafone Group