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Oct 18, 2018

October 16, 2018

By: Drew Henry, senior vice president and general manager, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm

In the year since I joined Arm to lead the business focused on the global internet infrastructure, we have deepened both our commitment and investment. Today I’m pleased to announce a dedicated infrastructure roadmap and a new brand identity, Arm Neoverse. Arm Neoverse-powered products from our global ecosystem will enable the diverse set of high-performance, secure, and scalable solutions required for the infrastructure foundation in a world of a trillion intelligent devices.

Arm Neoverse

But before we look to the next generation of Arm-based infrastructure solutions, it’s important to look back at the significant success we’ve already had. Last year Arm architecture-based wafers shipped nearly 25 times more than other architectures. The massive scale of our ecosystem attracts significant investment, leading to everything from the best design tools to the most advanced process nodes. World-class companies leverage this investment when building their products.

The Arm ecosystem has had tremendous success in markets like mobile and smart IoT, and the infrastructure is no different. From cellular base stations to routers and servers, there are more Arm processors shipping into the infrastructure than any other architecture. With nearly 30%-unit share, and growing, we are the infrastructure architecture of choice. It’s with this momentum that we’ve decided to invest more deeply and build upon our successes.

![Arm Neoverse](/-/media/global/news/Neoverse/Neoverse Market Share.jpg?revision=db738efa-591d-49ff-9ba8-7a04edc8233e&hash=CE97E33F6074232CED0534882B5DED803C8B4E0C&la=en "Arm Neoverse")

70% of all data transiting the internet today is video, and most of that data is flowing out to the billions of people carrying smartphones. Everything from videos on Facebook and YouTube to streaming movies from Netflix and Hulu. As we move to a world with a trillion connected devices, that traffic pattern is changing, and the sheer magnitude of data is growing significantly. Vast amounts of data will flow into the network from things like high bandwidth video sensors used to collect information, and much of the compute needed to extract and analyze that information will move to the edge, or directly into the device. Arm is uniquely positioned to understand the implications of an evolving internet because we are so involved with the companies building new solutions for smart devices. We have focused our infrastructure business on working with the Neoverse ecosystem to develop, and in many instances invent, the technologies needed for this new world of one trillion edge devices.

Developing products for the infrastructure is complicated. From high-performance servers to power efficient edge compute platforms to gateways and WAN routers, meeting all of the diverse and demanding requirements is only possible with a broad ecosystem built upon architectures which are high performance, secure and scalable. Arm is committed to enabling the Neoverse ecosystem and have decided to deepen our investment with a dedicated set of products and architectures specifically tailored for these needs.

Today we are announcing a future-looking and dedicated infrastructure focused roadmap. By designing Arm Neoverse IP on the most cutting-edge process nodes and including infrastructure specific features, we are providing a basis upon which our ecosystem can build products that span the cloud to edge. Starting with the “Ares” platform in 2019, we will deliver 30% per generation performance improvements and we will continue to add features designed specifically for the market.

![Arm Neoverse](/-/media/global/news/Neoverse/Neoverse Roadmap.jpg?revision=2727e0a9-943b-40f0-8311-d86563ed774d&hash=2370077D03CAB9C32C98FE39CB8E25CF9C24240E&la=en)

Of course, in the spirit of diversity, we are also continuing to work very closely with our architecture partners, enabling them to construct their own solutions as part of the Arm Neoverse ecosystem.

There is a tremendous amount of invention and innovation that will take place over the next decade to support the new infrastructure. Security will be crucial, which is why Arm Neoverse platforms will be built around a very specific security model that we are championing through our own secure platforms and compliance programs, like Arm ServerReady.

Building the cloud to edge infrastructure foundation for a world of one trillion intelligent devices will require a broad ecosystem with the technology, expertise, and commitment to transform the internet.

The Arm Neoverse ecosystem is more committed than ever.

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