Why cloud native is a different and better approach than NFV for telcos

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Mar 23, 2020

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Martin Taylor, CTO, Metaswitch

In retrospect, NFV failed to foresee the extent to which the design and architecture freedoms of working purely in software can bring about a radical transformation of telco technology. Metaswitch says that embracing a cloud native approach to NFV requires a bold step, letting go of some incumbent vendor relationships and re-engineering some key aspects of the procurement process. This won’t be easy for many telcos but it should result in a far more positive outcome.
Whilst some network operators have understood this and have made strong statements that they intend to move as quickly as possible to a cloud native approach to NFV, there has been little progress to date. Moving to cloud native is a discontinuity and telcos need to plan for this. The alternative is an “evolutionary” path to cloud native, which sounds less painful but Metaswitch warns that telcos taking this approach aren’t going to get to cloud native any time soon, if ever.

Filmed using the TelecomTV Smart Studio service, February 2020

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