Episode 5 – Generation X: Unsilencing a rebel generation

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Matt Potter, Journalist, Author, Filmmaker, Creative and Presenter

In this episode of Xennials, host Charlotte Kan asks award-winning journalist, author and “GenXtraordinaire” Matt Potter to share the forgotten tales of a generation born in the shadow of the baby boomers.

In a freewheeling discussion, they unpack the infamous label that was slapped on gen X by Time Magazine back in 1990: Lazy, indecisive, with the attention span of a zapper. Matt offers a compelling counter-narrative, drawing on historical critiques that echo through the ages from the Bible to Socrates. This episode takes a deep dive into the perennial, generational tug-of-war, exploring the loud societal scripts.

Don’t miss out on this explosive blend of personal stories, historical insights and the rebellious spirit of the 90s – an era that refused to conform – and rediscover the ’xennial spirit’, where irony meets inquiry, analogue meets digital, solid meets fluid.

Recorded March 2024