ECI® launches solution to improve the efficiency of smaller edge and metro aggregation optical networks

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Sep 7, 2017

ECI® Launches Solution to Improve the Efficiency of Smaller Edge and Metro Aggregation Optical Networks

Apollo OPT9904X extends benefits of OTN/packet switching to the network edge, maximizing end-to-end flexibility and network efficiency

Petach Tikva, Israel – Sept. 6, 2017 – ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC Network® solutions for service providers, critical infrastructures and data center operators, announced today the launch of the Apollo OPT9904X, which is designed to extend the benefits of OTN switching to metro networks that often have fluctuating, variable demand. With the 9904x, these metro optical networks can deploy OTN switching exactly where, when, and in the amount required to enjoy improved efficiency and flexibility at just the right price point.

As demand on optical networks continues to rise, OTN switching can be used to enhance network efficiency and reduce overall costs. In the future, 5G and increased IoT demand will require more intelligent metro networks that can cope with latency sensitive applications, which can be facilitated effortlessly by OTN switching.

The OPT9904X is a part of ECI’s OTN switching line, designed to meet the unique switching requirements of metro networks. The OPT9904X offers a unique expandable OTN interface and switching block that can be deployed on an as-needed basis. This “fabric-less” design enables smooth switching capacity expansion in 200Gbps increments up to 800Gbps per shelf, scaling up to 1.6Tbps in the future, making the OPT9904X the most elastic and cost-effective overall solution for OTN in the metro. The OPT9904X lso integrates packet services, generating savings by aggregating L2 traffic and reducing the number of costly router ports.

As part of the Apollo family of optical transport and switching platforms, the OPT9904X delivers end-to end transparent optical networking solutions for a broad range of needs, while maintaining the lowest cost per bit. Additional benefits include:

  • Highly scalable – Tailor the right amount of switching where needed most
  • Flexible – Move services among high speed lines without restriction
  • Efficient – Maximum fill of 100Gbps wavelengths for maximum network efficiency
  • Cost Effective – Pay as you grow capability

“OTN switching can greatly improve the overall efficiency of optical networks, which can be challenging in metro networks with varying demand where planning the location and size of OTN networking equipment becomes difficult,” said Jimmy Mizrahi, Head of Global Portfolio at ECI. “The Apollo OPT9904X is our OTN switching option designed specifically to meet these needs, and we’ve already had our first orders. It joins our bigger 9914 and 9932 platforms to offer scalable OTN switching capacity where and when it is needed in a network, end-to-end from metro access to core.”

OTN enables the encapsulation and routing of lower-speed signals onto a common, high-speed optical network, making the most efficient use of the deployed spectrum. OTN switching allows subrate signals within a larger OTN bundle to be moved around flexibly between client locations and high-speed bandwidth lines. This is especially useful when networks have abundant lower speeds and/or churn (new services added, changing service locations) because it allows better utilization of common network resources. OTN switching also allows individual services to be pulled out of the larger container and added or dropped flexibly at intermediate sites, ensuring the network wavelengths remain as fully utilized as possible, even in a network with a variety of demands at multiple sites.

For more information about ECI’s latest Apollo OPT9904X, the Apollo line of products, or other packetoptical solutions, please visit:

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