TOYO Corporation first in Japan to harness ADVA’s optical cesium atomic clock

Via Adva Optical Networking

Apr 12, 2022

  • R&D institutions require new levels of precision timing for field trials
  • TOYO Corporation now using ADVA’s Oscilloquartz solution to enable researchers to achieve pinpoint positioning accuracy
  • Market-first high-precision optical cesium technology meets the needs of verticals from telecom to critical infrastructure to defense

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that TOYO Corporation has deployed its Oscilloquartz optical cesium atomic clock solution to enable R&D institutions to achieve new levels of accuracy in network synchronization. ADVA’s OSA 3300 family of optical cesium clocks delivers timing with the precision needed in fields such as autonomous driving. This first deployment of the innovative technology in Japan showcases its ability to provide synchronization with significantly improved accuracy and stability. The solution offers a major boost for organizations across a wide range of industries looking to harness time-sensitive, low-latency applications from augmented reality to industrial control to national defense.

“As a company that leads the world in advanced test and measurement systems, we appreciate the impact that ADVA’s Oscilloquartz optical cesium atomic clock can make. By providing ultra-stable and precise frequency information, we’re enabling major research institutes to achieve unprecedented levels of timing accuracy,” said Hiroaki Tokumichi, division manager of TOYO Corporation. “Highly precise synchronization is essential in many different fields such as 5G and automated driving. The accuracy that ADVA’s technology brings could impact social infrastructure applications in power and transport and be key to the future of disaster prevention. Along with its compact design, that’s what made it the most suitable solution available.”

No solution on the market comes close to our optical cesium atomic clock in terms of precision, stability, long lifetime and robust design. Erik Lindberg, VP of sales, APAC at ADVA

Featuring an all-digital design, ADVA’s optical cesium atomic clock leverages advanced optical-pumping techniques. This enables the device to optimize both time delivery performance and product lifetime. By utilizing cesium atoms in a much more efficient way than legacy magnetic cesium clocks, the technology provides better performance and optimum stability for over 10 years. That means ADVA’s solution has a lifespan 100% longer than the most high-performance magnetic cesium clocks. What’s more, the device’s modular scalability makes it ready for future synchronization requirements and applications.

“TOYO Corporation’s selection of our industry-first optical cesium atomic clock highlights the difference that this device is about to make in a wide range of fields. From metrology to industrial control and positioning, critical applications need extremely high levels of accuracy and availability. No solution on the market comes close to our optical cesium atomic clock in terms of precision, stability, long lifetime and robust design,” commented Erik Lindberg, VP of sales, APAC at ADVA. “We’re delighted that our solution is being used to support cutting-edge research in Japan. It proves how the timing accuracy requirements of tomorrow are achievable today.”

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