Vodafone bundles broadband and 5G for UK market

Ian Scales
By Ian Scales

Aug 14, 2019

via Flickr ©  Wesley Fryer (CC BY-SA 2.0)

via Flickr © Wesley Fryer (CC BY-SA 2.0)

  • Ever wondered why Vodafone is chasing a fixed broadband capability as well as 5G
  • This offer may be part of the answer 
  • However, it does make it harder to push the ‘5G radio will take over everything’ line

Vodafone is calling it ‘Vodafone Together’. It offers a combined ‘unlimited’ deal for both fixed home broadband and mobile data with no extra charge for 5G, which essentially means that this is the customer’s 5G deal today. So even though most users won’t have access to 5G yet (since Vodafone is just rolling it out now), when it does arrive, and if they’ve bought a new 5G (non standalone) device, it will revert to 4G in the meantime and put its user on 5G when it can. 

The important thing here is the ‘unlimited’ aspect for both services and the fact that together the full cost is only £43. As Vodafone says the customer essentially gets a free mobile data service with the broadband. 

This approach simplifies the vexed area of tariffs and restrictions for use, at least for those willing to shell out £43 per month. I’m sure that any analysis of Vodafone’s (and any other mobile operator’s) customer queries and complaints are overwhelmingly questions and disputes over data counting. One charge for both services almost dissolves all that area of disputation - no more obsessively switching from one service to another to avoid a cap.  It must make for happier customers and even happier staff.

Vodafone Together pricing:

Vodafone Together

I have many questions which must be explored at a later date. Such as...  when proper stand-alone 5G is available on Vodafone’s network, do the fixed broadband links essentially become 5G access links making available all the 5G services possibly available by then, including low latency ‘Edge’ services?  That would seem to be the long-range logic so that all services can be transparently had, regardless of the access network. 

Vodafone has other inducements for customers:

  • It’s offering a free Amazon Echo for new broadband orders
  • It is offering what it claims is the world’s first hands-free calling via Amazon Alexa and Vodafone OneNumber.

Extra phones in the household? Vodafone says a further 15% discount is on offer for any additional mobile plans added to the account – perfect for families.

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