Huawei releases eight categories of 5G commercial use cases

Via Huawei Corporate News

Oct 28, 2019

At the 10th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (Global MBBF), Huawei Wireless X Labs released Eight Categories of 5G Commercial Use Cases white paper. Based on deployment practices and 5G research conducted by Huawei, network operators, and industry partners, the white paper elaborates on eight applications with market potential and suitable for large-scale commercial adoption.

2019 marks the first year of global 5G commercial adoption. To date, 5G has attracted broad attention by virtue of its superior experience, large capacity, and achievements in driving the growth of digital economies. 5G is also expected to promote industrial digitalization through diverse scenarios. The white paper summarizes eight application domains enabled by 5G, as well as associated deployment experiences, and is based on thorough research of successful 5G deployments in 2019, in addition to analysis of the requirements and value of 5G industry application. B2B applications require 5G to ensure not only high uplink and downlink bandwidth, but also low latency and high reliability. For example, product quality inspection cloud vision requires 80 Mbps uplink bandwidth for image uploading from cameras to the processing center, and reliability of up to 99.999%. Only 5G can provide this type of network capability. The higher the requirements of applications for bandwidth, latency, and reliability, the higher the dependence on 5G. The larger the market space, the more business value the service has in the 5G era.

The white paper identifies the following eight commercial use cases of 5G:

  • Product quality inspection Cloud Vision and Cloud Testing for smart factories
  • Engineering machinery Cloud Teleoperation for smart mines and ports
  • Cloud Video for Safe Road and Bridge
  • Inter-machine Coordinated Control for smart warehouses
  • Cloud Gaming
  • Cloud VR
  • 4K/8K video
  • Cloud Live Broadcasting.

Mr. Peng pointed out that Huawei, in collaboration with partners and network operators, has explored a large number of innovative 5G applications for multiple industries, and these applications have since been put into commercial use. These models are open for other operators and industry solution integrators to select and incubate services for 5G business success.

At the Wireless Intelligence summit during the MBBF, Mr. Peng noted that "Huawei is committed to providing high-quality 5G connections and enabling the digital modernization of industries. Huawei looks forward to cooperating with industry partners and network operators to innovate and accelerate the development of 5G applications in more domains, and to build a brighter future together."

To download the white paper, please visit: [Link]( Categories of 5G Commercial Use Cases Whitepaper-En.pdf)

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