ETSI ZSM ISG: an architecture for automation of the new network in the age of 5G

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Domenico Convertino, HPE Head of OSS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Klaus Martiny, Chair, ETSI ZSM ISG

Over a year ago it became apparent that there is a dire need of an Industry Specification Group (ISG) to focus on Network and Service Management and Automation. Twelve months on a draft architecture has been delivered and time is pressing for its provisions to be accepted and applied because without a new theoretical framework being put in place it will be impossible to manage future new virtualised network. The entire global industry, service providers, telcos, cablecos and vendors alike, all agree that something must be done and done soon. That sense of urgency, slow although it has been to develop, has been found to be contagious, is fomenting progress and, with 5G on the horizon, the time is absolutely for a new beginning.

As Domenico Convertino and Klaus Martiny say, total automation of the network and the introduction of Zero Touch management is needed because it will make it it very much simpler and easier to deploy future technologies. However, Klaus Martiny is keen to emphasise that the industry is not starting from scratch again or pushing to introduce yet another new standard to further muddy network management waters but is instead using what is already in existence as a catalyst to engineer vitally necessary change.

Filmed at SDN NFV World Congress 2018, The Hague, Netherlands

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