Are we there yet?

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Dominik Pacewicz, Head of BSS Product Management at Comarch

We have all experienced it at some time or another. Out with the kids in the car and 10 miles in to a 200 mile journey to see grandparents when one of the little darlings pipes up, "Are we there yet". Well, a lot of CSPs are now beginning to wonder how far the industry is along seemingly endless road to digital transformation. As Dominik Pacewicz, of the Krakow, Poland-headquartered BSS, OSS, telecoms, banking and finance software specialist Comarch, explains it is a long and difficult journey but progress is being made and the end will soon be in sight.

The speed and ease with which the journey can be completed depends in great part on the size of the CSP involved. For example, in general, Tier 1 and Tier 2 players are likely to get to their desired destination relatively quickly because they have the wherewithal to expedite the process. Meanwhile, smaller CSPs with less reach and financial clout would definitely benefit greatly from digital transformation but will probably take longer to get there.

Filmed at: Digital Transformation World, 2018, Nice, France

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