Leveraging cloud native for network sustainability and efficiency

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Jan 24, 2024

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Panel Discussion

With the transition towards the cloud-native telco well underway, how can operators leverage the strengths of cloud-native software and processes to help with their green network and sustainability targets? What tools are available to them and how can they exploit the work that is being done by the global developer community, particularly with open source? In addition, can telcos use this opportunity to ‘reset’ their network development and operations efforts, and build a more energy-efficient software-based telco with much lower power usage than their current architectures?

Recorded January 2024


Beth Cohen

SDN Network Product Strategy, Verizon Business Group

Dr. Joan Triay

Manager and Network Architect, DOCOMO Communications Lab. Europe (DOCOMO Euro-Labs), Rapporteur, ETSI ISG NFV

Komal Aggarwal

Energy Digital Transformation Manager, Vodafone

Maria Lema

Co-Founder, Weaver Labs