Beyond the green network – waste and the circular economy

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Jan 25, 2024

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Panel Discussion

Sustainability extends beyond the network, and beyond energy-efficiency and power-reduction measures. One of the most talked-about areas is the circular economy - the concept of eliminating waste and pollution through design, by reusing, remaking and recycling products. It can also help to minimise carbon emissions and reduce manufacturing energy costs by extending product lifecycles. But how does this affect telcos? How can they contribute to - and benefit from - the circular economy? How will it help them with their overall sustainability targets?

Recorded January 2024


Anita Döhler

CEO, NGMN Alliance

Diego Murillo

Group Head, Aftersale & Circular Supply Chain Services, Telefónica

Rebekah Griffiths

VP, Product Management - Device Lifecycle Solutions, Assurant

Sarwar Khan

Senior Manager of Global Digital Sustainability, BT Global