What’s next? Why we should focus on the future

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Perhaps telcos should forget about the present and trying to be competitive in the near-term, and instead, take time to align themselves for the future. In which case, what are the crucial decisions that need to be made in the next 12 to 24 months that will position telcos to capitalise on new service opportunities? What do telcos need to do if they are to re-address the value balance? And what work is still outstanding? For example, how do they sort out issues with automation, power efficiencies, skills and leadership? What will the landscape of the mid-2020s look like for telcos?

First Broadcast Live: December 2022


Darrell Jordan-Smith

Senior Vice President TME & Industries, Red Hat

David Boswarthick

Director of New Technologies, ETSI

Dr Diego R. Lopez

Senior Technology Expert, Telefónica

Neil McRae

Managing Director of Architecture & Technology Strategy and Chief Architect, BT

Nicola Marziliano

VP International Telco Sales, Wind River