The challenge for the comms industry is to find new value anchored on the network but above the network

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Marcus Weldon President of Bell Labs and Corporate Chief Technology Officer, Nokia

Marcus Weldon, pragmatist that he is, believes that there will be no single "winner" in the so-called 'battle to the death' between telcos and the OTT players. Rather, both sides will survive and combine in various ways. Thus he sees a future where there will be perhaps 10 global comms survivors and 100 local comms survivors, with the global survivors likely to be a combination of web-scale players and remaining telcos that will loosely federate to create a de facto global network alliance. He also believes that 5G is indeed a metaphor for the future of the entire global communications industry and points out that there is enormous potential for telcos and CSPs to deliver both internal and external services across a single common platform, not least because of the ability of edge cloud technology to be a wellspring for new value to be created on the network but above the network.

FILMED AT: The Great Telco Debate, 2016, London

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