Selecting the right cloud for the right job

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Dec 7, 2023

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How does a telco select the most appropriate cloud provider or cloud technology for their specific needs? There is more to public cloud than the three major hyperscalers – the market is expanding with additional providers, some of them much smaller, some more specialised and others more local than global. Perhaps telcos are looking for a more flexible relationship, matching providers with workloads and data requirements? How will cloud companies contribute to telco strategies and will greater choice accelerate the hybrid cloud model?

First Broadcast Live: December 2023


Andrew Coward

General Manager of Software Networking, IBM

Anita Döhler

CEO, NGMN Alliance

Francesca Serravalle

Head of Infrastructure and Energy, Vodafone UK

Kristian Toivo

Executive Director, Telecom Infra Project

Vivek K. Chadha

SVP & Global Head Telco Cloud, Rakuten Symphony