People in telcos using the term "OTT" should be fired!

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Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis

The Disruptomeister, on trenchant and amusing form as usual, talks about what he regards as the "false dichotomy" at the centre of argument about whether or not telcos or OTT players shall inherit the earth. He says that "OTT" is just telco code for pigeon-holing bits of the Internet that they don't like. This, he says, is "deeply hypocritical" because all telcos have their own Internet services - not the least of which are their own web sites. He is equally uncompromising when it comes to the notion that 5G is a handy metaphor for the future of the whole telecoms industry. He says it 's simplistic and points out that there will never be "Once Cloud to Rule Them All" as long as legacy systems survive - which will for be many, many years.

FILMED AT: The Great Telco Debate, 2016, London

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