Colt CEO Keri Gilder: The Great Telco Debate Executive Interview

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Keri Gilder, CEO, Colt

To provide her views on some of the key themes discussed during this year's Great Telco Debate, Colt CEO Keri Gilder shares her thoughts on the green network and the telcos’ relationship with the hyperscalers.

How do telcos convince customers that they have become “Green Telcos” and are serious about improving sustainability throughout their networks and businesses, given an absence of universally agreed metrics? The telecoms industry has been vocally supporting the move towards lower emissions and lower power consumption for many years - yet collectively it has never risen to the challenge and become a change leader - either for itself, or for its vertical industry customers. As COP 26 fades away, will telecoms ever play a leading role in instigating positive change?

Also, how do partnerships with hyperscalers help telcos, such as Colt, move away from being merely providers of connectivity, and is there a risk that this will merely lead to them becoming local retailers of hyperscaler services? Are such partnerships really mutually beneficial, and will it always be a symbiotic relationship or will we end up with a power struggle - one that the hyperscalers will inevitably win?

Recorded December 2021


Keri Gilder

CEO, Colt