The economic case for Telecom SaaS - Q&A (On-Demand)

Guy Daniels
By Guy Daniels

Apr 20, 2022

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Q&A Discussion

As part of our special programme on “The Economic Case for Telecom SaaS”, TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels was joined by industry experts from Nokia and Analysis Mason for this question and answer session. Among the questions raised by our audience were:

  • Why does SaaS have a better Total Cost of Ownership model?
  • What are the key challenges that telcos face when transitioning from traditional model to telecom SaaS?
  • How can SaaS be customised?
  • Can SaaS deliver an appropriate level of security for 5G?
  • What are the top differentiators between Classical and Telco SaaS?
  • How do you guarantee security of data and transactions?
  • Can MNOs become channel partners for SaaS vendors?
  • What does the future of telecom vendors’ revenue look like in a SaaS world?


• Hamdy Farid, Senior Vice President, Business Applications, Nokia
• Justin van der Lande, Research Director, Analysys Mason
• Jishnu Dasgupta, Head of Marketing for Verticals, Nokia
• Gerald Reddig, Portfolio Marketing Director - Digital Trust, Nokia


Recorded: April 2022


Hamdy Farid

Senior Vice President, Business Applications, Nokia


Hamdy Farid is the vice president of Nokia’s Business Applications unit and focuses on how communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises can unlock the value of their network investments through secure, intelligent automation. Born in Egypt, he graduated in computer engineering from Alexandria University, and also holds an MBA from Ottawa University. Today he lives in Ottawa, Canada when he is not traveling to meet customers.

Justin van der Lande

Research Director, Analysys Mason


Justin is a Research Director for OSS BSS Analysys Mason, for the past 11 years, with 25+ years’ experience in IT systems and management. His knowledge has been built-up by working on projects at Analysys Mason with operators and vendors with a specialism in OSS/BSS, AI, analytics, Data management and development platforms as well as working for the TM Forum, NCR, AT&T, Micromuse (now IBM), Granite Systems (Now Ericsson) and his own consultancy business in a variety of roles from a software programmer to global marketing director. Justin has worked on numerous projects for clients that include due diligence, market assessments, sales support and strategic advice. Customers include financial institutions, software vendors and communications service providers across the world. Most recent projects included a review of Digital Transformation strategy at a European Telco, digital payments projects for Mobile payments IT infrastructure and Digital Transformation strategy at a middle Eastern operator.

Anna-Kaarina Pietilä

Analytics Marketing, Cloud & Network Services, Nokia


Anna-Kaarina Pietilä is responsible for Analytics Marketing in Business Applications team of Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, has worked with a number of cloud-based solutions and is particularly interested in making 5G proactive and predictive for various 5G use cases.

Gerald Reddig

Portfolio Marketing Director - Digital Trust, Nokia


Gerald leads the global portfolio marketing efforts for Nokia’s security solutions. He is a member of the broadband forum, directs Nokia's membership in the IoT Cybersecurity Alliance and steers Nokia's Security center in Finland. Gerald is on the speaker’s circuit at international conferences and a recognized author on the topics he’s passionate about: cybersecurity technology, data privacy and finding the right solutions to prevent vulnerabilities, hacker trojans or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Jishnu Dasgupta

Technology Marketing, Business Applications, Nokia


Jishnu leads Technology Marketing for Nokia’s Business Applications unit. He is passionate about innovative B2X opportunities enabled through the 5G ecosystem, and believes that the key to unlocking the value of 5G lies in intelligent automation, disruptive technology innovation and flexible business models.