Live Q&A featuring Open Infrastructure Foundation, Red Hat, Totogi and Verizon

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Live Q&A discussion

The Live Q&A Show was broadcast at the end of day two of the Telcos and Public Cloud Summit. TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels and Ray Le Maistre were joined by industry guest panellists for this question and answer session. Among the questions raised by our audience were:‌

  • How can a telco efficiently manage the multiple relationships of multi-cloud, and are there any industry standards or best practice guidelines?
  • How does a telco keep up with the ever-changing software of the cloud infrastructure providers to ensure operational stability for their services?
  • “Bursting traffic” sounds good but it also sounds expensive? Is this a model that is already being used by telcos?
  • The multi-cloud decision is not just a technical one but also a business one. How do you reconcile the different views from within the telco organisation?
  • Is there a winning strategy to show telcos how to leverage public cloud technologies to benefit their customers?
  • How is the extra security complexity addressed in multi-clouds?

First Broadcast Live: April 2023


Beth Cohen

SDN Product Strategies, Verizon

Danielle Rios Royston

Acting CEO, Totogi

Fatih Nar

Chief Technologist, Telco Partner Solutions, Red Hat

Ildikó Váncsa

Director of Community, Open Infrastructure Foundation