The case for a platform-based approach to services

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Panel Discussion

Existing business services are reportedly failing to address telco profitability and return on investment (ROI) issues. There is growing interest, therefore, in adopting a different approach: Rather than trying to fix the unfixable, focus on facilitating new digital services. How would offering up the telco’s infrastructure “as a platform” help address these issues? What would a Telco as a Platform strategy look like? And would it prove to be attractive to enterprise developers and lead to the creation of an extensive and innovative ecosystem?

Recorded March 2023


Mark Gilmour

Chief Technology Officer, ConnectiviTree (Europe)

Rahul Atri

President, OSS Business Unit, Rakuten Symphony

Robert Curran

Consulting Analyst, Appledore Research

Terje Jensen

SVP Network and Cloud Technology Strategy, Telenor